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Whole Person Cancer Care

Module 2 - Whole Person Healing Throughout the Cancer Care Journey (WPCC2)

In this module we will talk about aspects of whole person care that can be employed alongside cancer care best practices. We’re not talking about alternatives to cancer care but simple practices that can augment our focus on cancer eradication. and, as we mentioned in the first module, can help patients maintain control over their lives, diminish their suffering, and help them get on with their lives as they face an uncertain future. Let’s start with the first visit.
  • Accreditation Information
  • AMA continuing medical education terms and conditions
  • Intro
  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Creating Healing Oriented Practices and Environment in the Office
  • Diagnosis: Entering the Patient's Story
  • Acknowledging and Addressing Fear
  • Addressing Our Own Needs
  • Establishing Trust, Improving Communication
  • Training is Helpful. Practice is Essential
  • Reminding Patients That They are the Boss
  • Whole Person Care During Treatment
  • Determining the Goals of the Patient
  • Whole Person Treatment Plans
  • Early Whole Person Treatment Planning
  • Avoiding the Nocebo Effect
  • Whole Person Personalized Care Plans
  • Dr. Google & Tik Tok Doc
  • After Treatment
  • Beyond the SCP
  • The Role of Diet and Exercise
  • Addressing Pain and Fatigue
  • Whole Person Care at the End of Life
  • After Death: Healing the Healers
  • Summary
  • Certification Options
  • Completion Certificate and Continuing Medical Education Credit
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever