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Chronic Pain Management

CPM1: Integrative Approaches to Chronic Pain Management: Introduction (CPM1)

Chronic pain. Patients aren't satisfied with the care they receive. Clinicians aren't satisfied with the tools they have to provide relief. This self-directed course aims to present ideas for thinking about new approaches to patients with chronic pain, with the goal of finding alternatives or additions to treating with opioid analgesics.

To get the most out of these modules, try to complete the module in a single sitting (generally 60 minutes). To receive CE credit, participants must register, view the content, complete the evaluation, and successfully complete the post-test with a minimum score of 75%. Certificates will be available electronically after successful completion of the activity.

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  • Accreditation Information
  • Accreditation Information
  • Introduction
  • Welcome to the Module
  • Look Familiar?
  • Objectives
  • Acknowledging frustrations of Chronic Pain
  • Do Words Matter?
  • Research on Clinical Impressions of Chronic Pain
  • Think about it
  • How We Feel Influences How We See Them
  • Chronic vs acute pain
  • Acute Pain and Chronic Pain are Physiologically Very Different
  • Using the Chronic Disease Model to Treat Pain
  • Chronic pain is its own diagnosis
  • Chronic pain is experienced differently than acute pain
  • Consequences of Treating Chronic Pain
  • Look familiar? Take 2
  • Using the chronic disease model to treat chronic pain
  • Treating the whole person
  • A new approach: The HOPE note
  • Introducing the HOPE Note
  • Case study
  • Gather information
  • Case Debrief
  • The Personal Health Inventory: From "treat your pain" to "help you heal"
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Treating D.J.
  • Wrap up
  • Certification Options
  • Completion Certificate and Continuing Medical Education Credit
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever